Table 2

Primers used for amplification and sequencing of gltA and GroEL genes ofN. mikurensis, and the amplification of the Msp2 gene ofA. phagocytophilum
Gene Name Type Sequence Reference
gltA NMik fo-gltA Primer (forward) 5’-aagtgcatgctttgctacatt-‘3 This study
gltA NMik re-gltA Primer (reverse) 5’-tcatgatctgcatgtaaaataaat-‘3 This study
GroEL NMikGroEL-F2a Primer (forward) 5’-ccttgaaaatatagcaagatcaggtag-‘3 This study
GroEL NMikGroEL-R2b Primer (reverse) 5’-ccaccacgtaacttatttagtactaaag -‘3 This study
GroEL NMikGroEL-P2a Probe (RED) 5’-RED-cctctactaattattgctgaagatgtagaaggtgaagc-BHQ2-‘3 This study
GroEL NMik fo-groEL Primer (forward) 5’-gaagyatagtytagtatttttgtc-‘3 [18]
GroEL NMik re-groEL Primer (reverse) 5’-ttaacttctacttcacttgaacc-‘3 [18]
GroEL NMik seq1groEL Primer (reverse) 5’-acatcacgcttcatagaaag-‘3 [18]
GroEL NMik seq2groEL Primer (forward) 5’-aaaggaattagtattagaatcttt-‘3 [18]
GroEL NMik seq3groEL Primer (forward) 5’-aatatagcaagatcaggtagac-‘3 [18]
GroEL NMik seq4groEL Primer (reverse) 5’-cttccattttaactgctaattc-‘3 [18]
Msp2 ApMSP2F Primer (forward) 5’-atggaaggtagtgttggttatggtatt-‘3 [26]
Msp2 ApMSP2R Primer (reverse) 5’-ttggtcttgaagcgctcgta-‘3 [26]
Msp2 ApMSP2P Probe (FAM) 5’-FAM-tggtgccagggttgagcttgagattg-BHQ1-‘3 [26]

Primers were either identical to or slightly modified from the primers described in the reference papers.

Jahfari et al.

Jahfari et al. Parasites & Vectors 2012 5:74   doi:10.1186/1756-3305-5-74

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